St Pius X School At A Glance

St. Pius X School is a community of educators, students, alumni and parents dedicated to a Catholic environment in which faith-based values and academic excellence are priorities, learn more at our community page. We strive to exemplify all that is good in Catholic education and to grow everyday in love, knowledge, respect, and justice. We are devoted educators dedicated to curriculum development and best practices in instructional methodology to meet student needs in the 21st century most effectively. We are a Catholic community, working together to educate tomorrow’s leaders in the Spirit of Christ, our Teacher.

School Mission
Called to be “the eyes and hands and heart of the Risen Jesus,” St. Pius X Parish School provides a faith-centered Catholic education that builds community, forms life-long learners, and promotes academic and moral excellence.

School Philosophy
Catholic education is a ministry of the whole parish.  We believe that faith formation is a shared responsibility among parents, Church and school – one parish community.  St. Pius X School fosters the holistic development of each child’s gifts in a student centered environment. Our way of proceeding is to witness to the teachings of Christ and the traditions of the Church in order to foster academic excellence and moral maturity.  We develop life-long learners and stewards of our global community.

School-Wide Learning Expectations

As a disciple of Christ…
I maintain a prayerful relationship with Christ
I make loving choices to be more like Jesus
I take an active role in serving my community

As a disciple of Christ…
I use Jesus as my model for learning
I show curiosity and enthusiasm for learning by always doing my best
I problem solve creatively to reach my goals

As a disciple of Christ…
I recognize Christ in all human beings
I follow the teachings of Jesus to make good choices
I take responsibility for my actions
I show humility in the God-given gifts I have received

As a disciple of Christ…
I serve God and His creation in my community by using my gifts and talents
I honor the rights, dignity and diversity of all people
I act responsibly through awareness of global and community issues
I solve problems with others peacefully and fairly

Catholic Identity
The initial preparation for the Sacraments is done through the Parish and most St. Pius X students attend religious education classes after school in addition to the faith instruction that is integral to the overall school curriculum. In addition to Sacramental preparation, St. Pius X students are involved in many aspects of Parish life. The Parish youth group invites students to take part in organized recreational activities and Parish-planned religious celebrations. The students are also actively involved in the Parish’s Catholic Youth Organization sports programs.

Daily Prayer
Through a solid faith foundation and understanding of how as Catholic Christians we relate to Christ through the Church and most deeply through the Eucharist, we are given the tools to function effectively as responsible members of society as a whole. Prayer is at the center of our daily life at St. Pius X School. Daily worship includes school wide morning prayer led by students over the P.A. system, grace before lunch, and closing prayer in individual classrooms before dismissal. The entire student body recites the following pledge in unison each morning after the prayer:

“I believe that Jesus is present in me, in each of my classmates and
in all people and therefore, all my actions will show my respect for Jesus.”

Weekly Liturgy
Students are also very involved in the preparation and celebration of liturgical observances throughout the year. On a rotating basis, the kindergarten through eighth grades classes are responsible for developing and presenting various parts of the weekly Mass celebrated around a central theme. Emphasis is placed on the centrality of the Eucharist, and priority is given to the understanding and acceptance of Christ’s real presence in our lives through this sacred ritual. Music for the Mass is led by an all-student choir.

In August of 1960, the founder and first pastor of the parish, Fr. Joseph McMahon finalized the decision to open a school in the parish. In September of that year, fourteen 1st graders and five 2nd graders started school in a classroom made in the transept of the church. During the year, four additional 2nd graders joined the school making a total of 23 students. The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon agreed to staff the school, and Sister Josepha was named the first principal and primary teacher.

As the community and parish grew, enrollment increased. Additional classes were held in the rectory basement and in the back of the church, requiring desks to be moved every week for Sunday Mass. In February of 1964, the first unit of the school building was completed and was dedicated by Archbishop Howard on April 23, 1964.

The first 8th grade graduation was in 1967. Two additional classrooms were added in 1969 and again in 1982, giving the educational center eight permanent classrooms. In 1996-1997, the school added rooms for music, science, library, and computers, and expanded and enhanced the space for office and faculty.

Expansion of the school’s enrollment capacity began with the acceptance of fifty-one kindergarten students in the fall of 2009 making enrollment for the 2009-10 school year 291 students. These fifty-one kindergarten students became two 1st grade classes in the fall of 2010. This process of expansion will continue until the school is double-graded throughout. During the 2010-2011 school year we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary of providing Catholic education.  In August of 2011 Phase 1 of our Capital Campaign was completed which included: a new double gym, renovation of the old  gym into a cafeteria/multipurpose parish facility, and construction of three new classrooms in the current cafeteria.