St. Pius X School Teaching Staff

The teachers at St Pius X School have a variety of skills and “tenure’. We have a teacher’s aides in K-5 classrooms in order to ensure every student receives the assistance he or she may need during those early developmental stages. If you are a prospective new parent we ask that you contact Mary Beth Anderson to set up a time to tour the school before contacting any particular teacher. We look forward to answering any of your questions.
Kindergarten (KA)

Mrs. Mary Anne Ulring
ext. 276

Mrs. Megan Lanaghan
ext. 277

Kindergarten (KC)

Mrs. Nancy French
ext. 212

First Grade

Mrs. Kelly Zarosinski
ext. 279
First Grade

Ms. Megan Cleary
ext. 278
Second Grade

Mrs. Betsy Harmon
ext. 204
Second Grade (2B)

Mrs. Ashley Dhar

ext. 221
Third Grade


Ms. Mary Mattecheck

ext. 280
Third Grade

Ms. Nicole Roberts
ext. 281

Fourth Grade


Mrs. Christy Semke
ext. 213

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Mary Bogan
ext. 220
Fifth Grade

Ms. Paige Lee
ext. 282
Middle School
Mrs. Erika Irlbeck

6th-8th Social Studies
6th-8th Learning Specialist
ext. 283
Middle School7th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Dane Conroy

7th Religion
6th-8th Grade Level Language Arts
ext. 287
Middle School
Vice Principal

8th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Mark Anctil

8th Religion
7th and 8th Advanced Math
ext. 285
Middle School
Mrs. Eileen Kravetz

6th-8th General Math

etx. 223
Middle School
6th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Catherine Quinonez

6th Religion
6th-8th Advanced Language Arts
ext. 222

Middle School
Mrs. Teresa Sebert

6th-8th Science/Health
6th Advanced Math
ext. 216
Middle School Mrs. Mary Casey


ext. 301

Ms. Kate Mattoon

ext. 225

Mrs. Peggy Wittenauer-Lee

ext. 241

Mrs. Lesley Lindell

ext. 286

Mrs. Margaret Burd

ext. 290

Ms. Barbara Taylor

ext. 218

Mr. Scott Thomas

ext. 302

Instructional Assistant K

Mrs. Patti Ueland

Assistant K

Mrs. Maggie Parker
Instructional Assistant 1A

Mrs. Suzi Fogarty

Instructional Assistant 1B

Mrs. Susan Ferguson

Instructional Assistant 2A

Mrs. JoAnn Eirvin


Assistant 2B

Mrs. Beth Semke

Instructional Assistant 3A

Mrs. Kristine DaSilva


Assistant 3B

Mrs. Kim Lukas

Instructional Assistant 4A

Mrs. Donna Kennish


Assistant 4B

Mrs. Joanie Quinn

Instructional Assistant 5

Mrs. Laura Clifford
Library Assistant

Mrs. Sheryl Sussex